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Friday, May 4, 2012

Ideas Ideas... what to do with all of them

If you're a writer I sure you're just like me and have ideas spring into your mind and you never have a pen and paper when they do.... have you ever thought about why this happens??
Here's my idea on the subject.... idea... get it???

The biggest reasons ideas come to us when we're driving, taking a bath, cooking supper, at work or school, in the world between sleep and awake.... we are not thinking.... our inner self is hummmm a little tune as our outer self does what needs to be done and because we do it all the time it's like breathing... we just do it.

Now, I wish I could do something to put myself in this spot when I'm ready for it.  I can get there for other writers when I'm brain storming with them but for my writing, it never shows up when I ready to grab it.

I carried a recorder for two weeks once and not one idea slammed into my brain... the first day I let it home I had two great ideas and had to write them on my hand.

So I've got another idea... I'm going to get one of those pens that are a necklace... that way I will always have pen and skin when those ideas visit.

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Wanda Stricklin Robertson said...

Great idea. I always keep a pen and pad in my purse, but don't have it when I'm outside working, driving, etc. I'm hoping the ideas I forget will return someday!