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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sorry... more horse pictures but also a story

The horse in the picture is Patty, I think her register name is Lena's Fast Little Patty but not sure... She isn't a gorgeous horse but that little girl can move.

Here's the story: Ron was doing a promotional talk to the local 4H club for the sport of Ranch Sorting, showing them what his new horse would do...

well my son has always had this opinion on what makes you a real cowboy and what doesn't... holding the horn doesn't.

He put Patty on a cow and that pony did the rest... Ron couldn't keep up and went off over her shoulder, well most of him went off but his jeans got hung up on the horn. Bruised him from loin to knee and shredded his jeans. He jumped up and grinned at the 4Hers and said, "And that is what you don't want to do when you're competing. Then he had to go home and change jeans before he could let the kids ride the horses.

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