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Friday, April 20, 2012

Partly Cloud with a chance of Chicks

I'm going to pat myself on the back... I'm a very good Mama hen. All of the first babies are doing well and all 35 of the second batch are doing well and growing ... now for the third and finally batch... don't really know how many because they're hatching today and like any struggle for life event... sadly not all of the 90 eggs will hatch. Don't panic and think y'all will need to have a benefit to help me feed all these chicks. I'm only getting them over the hump when they need to be under a light and can't get chilled. I'm going to keep some of them but not all.

I enjoy watching these rather simple minded creatures grow and develop. Some are trusting, some curious and others are bullies. And the most interesting thing when you have mixed breeds... they change and look completely different when they're grown.

The bigger chicks are the ones hatched two weeks ago and are in the ugly stage.  The little ones, up top, were hatched Monday.  Look at their different colors.

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