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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Update for February

I have to say I've been a little gloomy lately because I was feeling that the world was going to hell in a handbag... and then my nephew was killed in a car accident.. My emotions were high and my temper was short. Then my heart started to heal when the community poured out their love and support... our family were like reeds, we bent with grief but we did not break... we supported each other.

Then my friend Pam had to hear the most terrible word in the world concerning her grandson Cameron's health. The word .. Cancer. My heart has been aching just thinking what she and her family have to face. I know they have the support of family, friends and church but that doesn't stop me from worrying about her. Cameron has a hard road ahead but he is young, only 17, and he is strong... a great basketball player.

But with all this sadness in February, it made me be so thankful for my four beautiful healthy grandchildren, for my two sometimes great kids... only kidding... my best friend and soul mate and my many true friends. I am blessed.

Isn't it funny how we emerge stronger from difficult times? I truly believe the human heart only expands when it heals from heartache.

Here's to a better rest of the year and remember to stay in touch with close friends and tell the ones you love what they mean to you.

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