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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Humans, we think life is tough... you should be a wren

We fuss about high gas prices and no cell service and slow Internet but do these sustain life?? Oh I know some of you will argue that high gas prices make food high but come on, are we going to starve???

I was sitting on the porch swing this morning drinking my coffee when a wren came and perched on the chair next to me. She was very upset with me... I say she because of her tone and it was almost like she was trying to reason with me... I had put a plastic cup in the thingy that you roll hoses up on... that is where a wren builds a nest every year and every year the babies are hatched and a snake gets them before they get big enough to fly. I decided that this year I would make it where the wren would have to build elsewhere. I felt terrible and Ronnie didn't help when he said, "So you're playing God. You've made that bird unhappy and you know snakes have to eat too."

Do you think that our government only sees the babies getting eaten and don't really see the whole picture like Ronnie??

Then to really make my morning sad... a hawk swooped down and got a dove from under the bird feeder. Again, Ronnie said that was my fault because I feed the birds. They are not here for your enjoyment... they have a purpose and you play on their need to find food to lure them to one spot and make them easy picking for predators.

I'm a terrible person...

No I'm not... I turned the table on him. I sweetly said, "The hawk has to eat too."

But it did get me to thinking, would the human race survive if we had to hunt for our food while our enemies stalk us, hoping to make a meal out of us? Would we be able to adjust to events that change our entire life? I know some would but could you?

What if tomorrow your home was destroyed and you didn't have insurance to rebuild? You had to start from nothing and begin again.
What if you next meal depended on how fast you are and how quick witted?
What if your children depended on you and you alone to protect them, educate them, feed them.

In my opinion, we really don't have it too bad.


miclowery said...

Well said, as always, Mrs. Patricia. Hope to see you in July!

deborah@confessions of a craigslist junkie said...

Being a horse, dog and nature lover, I've been enjoying reading through your posts! I edit a newsletter for a horse group in VA, and one of our members saw the exerpt you posted of a 87 yr. old horsewomen's journal entitled "I Ride." We'd love to republish it for our members and would like to know whom we should contact to get permission. Thanks for your help!