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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sping... the time of year you blind your neighbor

Yep, put those shorts on this morning and went to my Daddy's and to the local grocery store. I can't repeat what Daddy said about my all winter encased legs that saw the light of day for the first time in 2012 just minutes before I drove into his driveway.... it wasn't nice what he said but it was true.

I walked around the yard with my stepmother... who gave me four rose bushes she rooted for me... hoping the bright sunshine would work miracles and take away the shimmering glow of my legs... it didn't

Walked into the grocery store and all the guys started laughing and rolling up their pants legs to see who had the whitest legs... I won.

Sooooo, I'm sitting on the deck with skimpy tank top on and shorts that are rolled up enjoying the sunshine. Nobody is laughing at me here... Lexie doesn't care what color my legs are as long as I throw the ball for her to chase and fill that food bowl every morning.

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Amy Jane said...

Man your daughter made fun of my white white white legs both years she did my toe nails for prom. I tell you, I get my extreme paleness from my Dad's side of the family (aka your side of the family). Hehe. I hate that Scott and Eric can go outside once for 10 minutes and come back in as dark as a tanoholic chick! They get that from Mom.