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Thursday, February 16, 2012

One mean rooster

I have a confession... my rooster is meaner than I am...

I know!!! that is not believable but it's true. If anything moves at the barn he is on it like sugar on strawberries, cream in coffee, syrup on pancakes...I guess y'all can tell I'm hungry.

It is the end of the line for mister rooster. He jumped on me three days ago and spurred me on the side of my knee. Not only did it put a puncture wound on my knee but he hit it so hard he popped my knee and it is now swollen. It is either me or the rooster.... and since I do more around the farm everyone chose ME.

I know Amy and Marilyn will be reading this.. so I will not say what we're doing with the rooster but if anyone wants to come to supper this weekend, chicken and dumplings are on the menu.

Don't worry about my hens... I have them a new boyfriend lined up.

These pictures are not my rooster but he looks like them. Tried to take a picture of him but it is really hard to snap a shot when you're running.