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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I love my Ereader

I'm a little torn that I love it so much as a reader but as a writer I know that the bottom line on sales in ebooks favor the publishing house and not the author.

I can also see changes in the library membership... think about it... in the future you might never need the library building or books!! Just a library card and ereader and WiFi What a sad and lonely world we are creating. Give me people and books that I can crack open... pages I can feel instead of a screen that upsets me to no end when it won't turn the page.

Just like email put the finally stake in the heart of correspondence ... ereaders are killing books.

Why do I love mine so much. Help I'm sinking into the pit of easier, wanting more, lazy age. It's just so easy. I feel like I need to go delete all the books on my ereader... but I won't. I'm going to go read it. Sorry books, I must be a fair weather friend.. I really do love you but I have room in my heart for two reading loves. I will always come back to you for books I know I will love, but for those I'm not sure about ... ereader makes it cheap and easy to put you down if you don't live up to expectation..delete.


Diana Guess said...

I also love my eReader, because I can read my favorite books wherever I go. I have many eBooks downloaded from All you can books... a great place with a free trial period. I found there so many great titles... I have what to do in my spare time this way. It's a relaxing activity for me and I love to read whenever I'm not busy!

Amy Jane said...

I LOVE my nook, but it will never!!! I mean NEVER! replace books. There is just a feeling with books that ereaders can not synthesize. I love the smell of both books that have been around for a while and new just printed books. There is a moment of suspense when ever I have to flip a page that just makes having a physical book in my hand all the better. I bought my nook so I could take all my books with me to Maine without taking all my books to Maine (Mom said I would not have the space to store all my books). If not for that, I probably would not have gotten my nook.