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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mentally deranged writer plotting and character building

Might not blog as much next week... working on new novel... nope not telling anything.

If you're a writer and want the best how-to book on plotting, Save the Cat is the best. I know it says for screen plays but basic writing how-to applies to all writing.

I got the best advise from Dr. Hardy (she is the lady that does a free writing course at the local library) when I was talking to her about my little problem of making my main character age appropriate. Spend time with kids the age you want your character. Not just the average kids but all levels of social personalities and pull what you think will round out your character. Thanks, Dr. Hardy... I knew this but sometimes we... writers... get so wrapped in the coils of plot, setting, theme that we forget the basic rules and that is look around.

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Sheila said...

I know it seems obvious but sometimes not. Especially inthis day and time.don't want to be mistaken for a stalker, you know?

And you didn't tell me you were working on something new!!!!