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Sunday, February 6, 2011

If I was young again

Linda, a lady who has a horse at the barn, has invited me to go to a Clinton Anderson weekend clinic. I'm really looking forward to it but it has made me wondering why we have great loves in our lives but don't make the time to enjoy them. If I could go back in time I would not change one major event in my life. I married young, but I've been with my best friend and lover for nearly 42 years. I had a child at eighteen, but having my children young has made it possible to be a young grandmother and really enjoy my grandbabies.
I wish I had done more with training horses when I was young. I only made enough time to ride. I wish I had stayed with my dog training courses and had continued to train others. I'm too old to handle young horses now and don't have the patients to deal with people... dogs yes, people no!
I wish I started writing sooner.
Now I don't want y'all to think I didn't reach my goals and dreams... I did... I just didn't hold on to those minor dreams. I guess I thought the load would get too heavy or that I didn't have time to keep those dreams sharp but I now know that regret is heavier than any dream that takes a little time to maintain.

Learn grasshopper.


Sheila said...

You are doing well to not dwell on the negativesbut looking at the positives.

Gail said...

Regretting isn't productive. I say concentrate on all you've accomplished. It's like me dwelling on all the vision I've lost or all the things I can't do on my own anymore. I'd rather be proud of everything I'm accomplishing with limited vision!