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Monday, February 28, 2011

Cowboy's in tight jeans, spurs and chaps... oh my

Great weekend!!! I attended the 2011 Road to the Horse... Chris Cox won. Here he is riding one of his horses on his ranch in Texas. The man has natural balance and a gift for gentling a colt. Google Road to the Horse and learn more.

The three horsemen in the arena were wonderful and I learned many things I want to try on my horse but what made me smile all weekend were the cowboys in tight jeans and the older mature cowboys in their fine boots, hats and with that "I don't give a damn" swagger. Now don't get me wrong those young things in big hats and even bigger belt buckles are sugar candy to the eyes but give me a confident cowboy with the story of his life written in the lines on his face and the callous on his hands. Don't get worried, I remembered the wonderful loving cowboy I had at home and only looked but a couple were really fine.... :)

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