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Monday, February 14, 2011

Cross my Heart

The last post of Levi... that picture wasn't photo shop he really is smiling and does it all the time. And yes that is one of those no fence collars he has on -- they really work and I should be a salesperson for this company because I tell everyone that they work
Love these beautiful 70's days but it will hurt when a cool snap comes.
Lexie just got a good brushing and let me tell everyone that if you have a dog you need to brush them now at the beginning of the shedding season instead of in a month when it will be too late and your dog will wear hair balls for most of the summer.
It is also time to start the flea prevention if you stop during the winter. I groomed six dogs today and three had lots of fleas.


Irene Latham said...

Thank you for the tips... trying to keep Ms. Ruby brushed!

Gail said...

Fleas.... oh yeah, something to look forward to when I get a guide dog!

Sheila said...

I gave Kelso a good brushing before my surgery and we have a fllea collar on him. But I think he needs something more. I think you said you get something from the co-op?