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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Look for the beauty but see the flaws

When you critique a fellow writer's work... look for the good but don't ignore the flaws. I've never read a manuscript that I didn't see something good about it... and I always point out the flaws ... in my opionion which that and a dollar will get something off the dollar menu at McDonalds. I make suggestions to make the manuscript stronger...but I always say why I think they are flaws instead of "This just doesn't work". I know my flaws in writing.. I can't spell, grammar, using the word that too much, using the wrong word like metal or medal :) To name just a few.

Take this picture of my son's horse Daisy.
Beautiful right. Well yes she has a near perfect head but look at her mouth. Now here is my point, if I had not pointed out the parrot mouth (that is what it is called) would you have seen it or would you have just seen the beautiful lines of her head, jaw and how great the set of her ears are???
Your writing doesn't need to be perfect first draft, you can hide that slight parrot mouth in the show ring with a chain loop halter. Writers can fix problems in beautiful stories with critique groups and editing. Stop sweating the fixable stuff and write!

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