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Saturday, September 11, 2010

I copied my niece's picture because it's so perfect

Here is a poem that I wrote on 9-11. Like most of America, I was in shock. My heart aches still today when I see images or even recall the things my country endured that day. I think that the wound still oozes, not from actions but from hate that has festered since that day. My God is forgiving and he tells me to put my troubles and burdens on him to free my spirit. Say a pray for the families of the victims of 9-11... I'm sure they still need them. Now remember I'm not a poet.. I just write my heart and it doesn't have rules or meter

I feel GODS tears today
He had no part of the tragedy on that September day
I’m sure his heart is breaking
To see so much suffering and so many lives taken
He watches the people of our nation grieving
Young and old watch the terror just not believing
That a man made with God’s own hand
Could cause such destruction in this land
Shattered families, dreams and hope
But trust in him and he’ll help us cope
I know that it’s hard to not ask why
That in a blink of an eye
Revenge could come from on high
But from the beginning his children have had
Free will, the choice to do good or to do bad
This was not an act from our loving father
But from a man that believes in another
To do such an act in the name of religion
Is painful to believe and that is the reason
God hangs his head and lets the tears fall
They flood the hearts and soul of all
His tears will give us strength and courage
His word will comfort and nourish
To over come this act of a mad man
We need to bow our head and fold our hands
As a nation we need to say
I feel GODS tears today


Amy Jane said...

amazing. touching. beautiful.

Evelyn said...

I love your poem, Patricia. Thank you for sharing it.