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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

As the year rushes to a end... have you met your goals?

Don't feel like you are fenced in when it comes to goals, you are not a failure if you don't reach them. Goals are important because they keep us grounded in purpose and are like road signs to show us which way we need to go. My biggest road sign this year has been detour.. but those unknown treks to get back on track have helped me to realize how important my goals are. Am I rambling? Friday will be Oct 1st and in three months we will be making new goals for 2011. If you have not reached you goals for 2010 get motivated to reach them. If it's impossible to get there before the end of the year... incorporate them into next years goals.


Sheila said...

I know you've met one of your goals. I hope to meet one of mine before years end too.

Amy Jane said...

My goals:
attend Unity
study/work abroad (especially in Africa)
finish my book
never stop playing the piano