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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Spiritual Journey for December

We're talking about one little word.  Check out our host for December Irene about her one little word.

My Word for 2017 was Junket

I'm going on a journey of promises...  

 I promise to write every day                nope broke my promise  

I promise to blog every week               nope broke my promise                             

I promise to submit every month        nope broke my promise

   Junket definition: a journey taken for pleasure  

But I have taken a journey this year... my husband was told he was a diabetic this year... he had a stint in his heart the end of 2016 and the roller coaster ride of doctors and medicine has put this super charged A personality in overdrive..... when you ask why you need a certain medicine or procedure DO NOT talk mumble jumble and then get mad when I stop you and request southern English please

Great report this month... off all medicines and A1C is 6  
So if y'all think it would be okay, I think I'm going to give junket another shot.  Don't you just love the word.  
"Oh, I can't made your party.  I have a junket planned with my friends."  OH wait I do... girls day planned for next Monday.... tons of catching up, good food and antiquing.  Best Day Ever.

I want to wish each of you a glorious December, filled with special people, favorite foods, giving hearts and replenished souls. I hope you take the time to embark on a junket that will fulfill your adventurous spirit.  

And finally I would like to share a poem I wrote years ago ... just know I'm not a poet


Kindness in a hardened heart
All year it plays the part
Stingy, selfish, mean
Good traits can’t be seen

What is this special potion?
Is it real or just a notion
Caroling, laughter, a feeling of peace
Eggnog, evergreen, a child’s happy face

Family, friends with love abound
Peace goodwill all around
Is this God’s way to heal the heart?
A chance each year for a new start

Deep in human souls
Looms the heavenly father’s goals
Faith, love, charity are the answer
Guided by a babe in a manger

I just have to do it... ROLL TIDE ROLL


Donna Smith said...

Junket... certainly worth a couple of years!
Nice to remember "the heavenly father’s goals" that we may not see as our own at times.

Irene Latham said...

A chance each year for a new start... and a new junket! And hello, one of the promises you made was to take an art class, and YOU DID! Not all broken promises at your house... you are exactly where you need to be. Love you! xo

Violet Nesdoly said...

Junket is a great word! And it sounds as if you have been on a few. I really enjoyed your Christmas poem and wish you a very happy and junkety Christmas season, Patricia.

Sheila Renfro said...

Really love the art work! And I learned something new about Santa. Looking forward to our junket

Doraine Bennett said...

I just looked at your post just before this one and saw that you started with "a day late and a dollar short." I laughed since that's the way I started my post this week! Great minds, you know. Even if they are time challenged and broke. I do love your word. I think it definitely deserves another year. Giving thanks for getting off those meds!

Patricia Weaver said...

thanks everyone for the kind words stay tune next year I'm going to keep that promise about blogging.

Carol Varsalona said...

What an interesting word you used to guide your 2017 journey, Pat. While you may not have fulfilled all the goals, you certainly have been on a journey. I have been there with hubby medical issues so best of luck in the future and congratulations to your husband for his news. Would love to see more blogging from you. Stay well and enjoy the rest of December on a special junket.

Ramona said...

Your girls' day on Monday sounds like the perfect junket! While your journey wasn't quite the one you would have planned for the year, those are some wonderful outcomes! Here's to more adventures for 2018 and may your junkets be filled with pleasure.