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Friday, November 3, 2017

Spiritual Journey for November

So today isn't Thursday... I'm always a dollar short and a day late... forgive me

Gratitude is the topic today and be sure to check out Irene blog on this subject. 

I looked up the definition and was intrigued to fine this... I was grateful for the surprise..

Gratitude defined for English-language learners

a feeling of appreciation or thanks

My list of gratitude

1. My mean aunts that thought I didn't matter because I wasn't a boy and couldn't carry on the family name.... you made me strong and independent, happy to be in my own skin

2. My mother who was from Rhode Island, she made me a little bit northern where you mind your own business and shoo
t straight when you do have something to say.

3. My Dad who taught me to be tough... no coddling and to always play to win or don't play

4. My kids who forced me into being able to multitask 

5. My grandkids who taught me how good it felt to love without the pressure of parenting

6. My husband who taught me the unlimited boundary of love and the depths of "I'm going to kill him"

7. And finally to my friends that forgive my many faults, push me to be more, laugh at my jokes and cry with me even if they don't understand why I'm sad.

This week I'm so thankful to my family and one dear friend that made my Christmas wish come true.  Meet my new pup Lottie Mae.  


Ramona said...

Love your list! I wholeheartedly agree with #5 and #6 made me laugh! The pic of your puppy - adorable!

Karen Eastlund said...

Patricia: Your list makes me want to know you better,that is to read your blog regularly, and also it makes me laugh. And I laughed pretty hard, too! Thanks for posting...

Sheila Renfro said...

Love the list and the person who made it!