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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Unexpected Treasures

Don't you just love it when you're doing a job that has to be done but brings so many sad feelings.  This was what I was doing yesterday... helping brother by going through pictures of Aunt LoLo (who pasted just over two years ago) and her part of the pictures from Aunt Ella who died several years ago.
Every picture of her trips and friends made me sad because those pictures meant something to her but to anyone else they are pictures of places they've not been and of people they don't know.
I was over half done when this little envelope appeared.... post mark Dayton, Ohio with the date of Aug 7, 1951 and the address written in my mothers handwriting.... tears spring to my eyes
I looked at Ronnie and held it up... "Do you think this is what I'm thinking it is?" 
He said, "Open it and see."  Men... no sense of adventure

A picture is worth a thousand words... it really is with this... this little treasure made me so happy because ... one, my mother wrote it and sent it ... two, my aunt kept it all these years, and three, it's a family treasure I can pass on to my family.


Irene Latham said...

ADORABLE. What a treasure this is... and you are. xo

Sheila said...

Finding soemthing handwritten today is a sure sweet treasure.