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Monday, December 10, 2012

I like to jump start Christmas spirit for friends and family

Every year on the second Saturday of December, I open my house to family and friends and we eat, drink and catch up.  My family brings friends and even my friends bring friends... but that is great because the theme for this night is Christmas Spirit.  Even though I've been working like  a demon ... and with help from my daughter, granddaughters, husband and son... my house got the usual dose of decorating.  A couple of my friends couldn't be here this year so I'm posting pictures for them... missed y'all

Open your heart and feel the joy of friendship... Christmas is a friend that comes to visit only once a year.  It slips in your busy life to whispter words of kindness, joy and happiness.  It pulls you down the road of yesterday and folics with you memories of Christmas past.  You tell this friend you wish, hopes and sorrows.  Before it leaves, Christmas hands you a year's worth of dreams and says, "I'm always inside your heart... that these dreams and keep me with you all year."

May the Christmas Spirit present you with spectaule dreams this year.

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