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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Do you just hate when you ...

Love how a book is written and hate the theme of the book..  I'm not going to say which book, that is just mean but this lady can write her heart out.  I've stored phases from the book in my best I've read file in my brain. 

My friends tell me I'm a mean reader.... I guess I am.... but with this book, I want to put it down but can't.  argggggg

My favorite book is "Each Little Bird That Sings" by Deborah Wiles.   Why do I love it so much??  The book made me laugh... out loud... it made me cry... out loud... it made me sigh, smile, get mad, ache for the character not to do something, tell the character to turn back .... I love this book.
I also love her book "Love, Ruby Lavender"

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Joyce Ray said...

Yes, yes, yes!I love Each Little Bird That Sings, too. Deb Wiles is an amazing writer, a wonderful writing teacher and a dear person. if you ever have the opportunity to hear her speak or lead a class - GO!