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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Oh my aching back....

What do you think I'll be doing today. Bean beans, butter peas and tomatoes... just one day's worth and I gave my sister-in-law just about that many so I really picked double the amount you see. Ymmmmmeeee but hard work

What's for supper?
baked chicken
fried okra
zipper peas
butter beans
green beans
squash/green tomatoes/onion/sliced hot peppers mix together and fried in olive oil on medium heat
cheese potatoes
sliced tomatoes

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miclowery said...

Nice. That supper sounds like a feast! I'm following your blog as miclowery--my avatar is the little green bookworm. Hope you'll take the time to checkout mine at www.michelle-lowery-combs.blogspot.com--I mentioned your latest award in my last post. Congratulations again!