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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July in the South...you better be up for it

First let me say... I am not a firework loving chick... I rather not spend hours waiting for dark to shoot off ten minutes worth of very expensive fun.
Now my kids loves it. My grandkids loves it. My husband loves it. Yes I sit all alone on this subject.

When we do a little backyard display in the south... well it's can be a huge thing. My son is 6'2"

You got to have swimming, good friends and of course good food.

Here is a poem I wrote about freedom


Freedom to worship in the church of my choice
Feeds my spiritual soul

Freedom to study and read
Helps me reach my intellectual goal

Freedom to strive for a better life
Is the democratic way

Freedom to vote in elections
Gives me a political say

Freedom to express my beliefs and views
Allows me a literary voice

Freedom to agree or disagree on issues
Fulfills my activist choice

Freedom to protect my family and country
Is my patriotic right

These freedoms are mine to use
If they don’t infringe on the freedoms
Belonging to you


Irene Latham said...

With you on the fireworks, girlfriend... we used to put them up when the boys were smaller, but now they don't care. So, no, we don't go through that (expensive, loud) madness. And don't you dare say to me again that you're not good at poetry!

Gail said...

LOVE that poem!!!