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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Friday was a fun day

Look at the pictures... I don't think pink is my color. We all look calm and happy in the next picture but... oh my gosh you walk on grates that lets you see all the way to the ground!!! and the wind was blowing.

The people in the picture are:
(l-r: Mary Ann Taylor, Irene Latham, Pat Weaver, Stacey Barney and Jana Hutcheson)
I know Sheila, we left you out again. Sheila is still pouting from the cupcake thingy in Nashville.

My belief that everyone pulls their jeans on the same way was confirmed Friday. Stacey Barney was a joy to meet and a honest real person. It was fun learning a little bit about New York and tons of fun teaching her about southern hospitality, which wasn't a completely new subject for her since her mother is from the south. Love hearing her quote Mama sayings. "Mama says you shouldn't eat until everyone is at the table." maybe not an exact quote but close. I should have took notes. hehehe

On Saturday, I lost my voice. Yes, I know bummer. I'm still squeaky but getting better. I'm also leveling out from a emotional high weekend. Friends to talk with, great workshops and going to the special place in my mind that makes me create stories. Sigh, today is a common Wednesday.