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Monday, July 26, 2010

LIfe is like Kudzu

Life is like kudzu, it takes over everything and leaves nothing for your creative soul... what to do?? Buy a cow! Cows love to eat kudzu. I know you're say "What?"
All I'm saying, change something in your life to make time for your writing. Put things in prospective... you have to feed the family and do the laundry but you don't have to watch that reality show on TV or go to the mall to window shop.
Hey that's another grip I have. The family went to a wedding Saturday afternoon and my oldest granddaughter took one look at me and said..."You need to go shopping. That dress is old timey." What does that mean??? It was a button up the front, neat collar, straight skirt, little tucks at the waist light green colored dress. I should have wore my jeans!

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Sheila said...

Spell check doesn't get everything and that's one of my "grips".