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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I love my dog and my granddogs too

I love my dog, not in the way I love my grandbabies but you know my dog loves me no matter what... if I'm happy she's happy... if I 'm sad she's happy to sit by me and let me know she loves me...she runs to meet me when I come home and begs to stay with me always. Here is a poem I wrote for a friend when she lost her dog. Hope you enjoy.

Good Old Dog

When God saw that man needed visual instruction,
He created dog.
God told dog,
Go be a companion to man.
Teach him unconditional love,
faithfulness, forgiveness, obedience,
and fearless protection.
Dog consider all this and asked,
“What will my reward be for this instruction?”
“You will be part of me”, said God.


We should all be like a dog.

Love like there’s no tomorrow.
Stand before danger fearless with teeth bared
Forgive any wrong, no matter how hurtful
Be content to be
Face your maker and be joyful
when you hear good old dog.

From left to right the dogs are
Lillie Lexie (my dog) Levi


Amy Jane said...

Doctor Who is a british tv show that my cousin Crystal got me hooked on. It is like star trek and comedy and love story all mixed together.

Irene Latham said...

What a cute pic! Like a little family. :) And I love your poem.