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Friday, February 26, 2010

Summertime and the living is easy

I'm soooooo ready for warmer weather. Wish everyone at the Springmingle, good luck with critiques and wish I was there but money, budgets and work makes it impossible to make all the events I would like to attend. I'm looking forward to the Historical fiction workshop in Nashville on the 13th.

I did something today I've not done in many years... I took Kane and Ella to a birthday skate party at the skating rink and I skated... yep the old girl still has it ... well not as smooth as it was thirty years ago but I went forward and backward and I only had to balance out of a near fall once. You know arms waving and skates making that thump thump sound as you try to get them under your body.

Who knows I might go bungee jumping next...NOT

Well it has been awhile since I posted something I wrote... this is the first page of the very first thing I tried to write...


Spring’s first breath had renewed life in the middle Tennessee countryside. The red bud trees in the back yard were starting to show their colors and the cottonwood tree down by the barn had put out purple buds. Buttercups, tulips and crocuses bloomed in the flowerbeds around the porch. Katherine Conner gazed out the screen door, but she didn’t see any of God’s springtime glory. All she saw was the little black and white dog waiting at the end of the sidewalk. Belle, Joey’s blue heeler stared down the driveway. She was looking for Joey.
Katherine walked outside and sat down on the porch steps, then called Belle to her. Looking into the dog’s intelligent eyes, Katherine sobbed.
“He’s never coming back, you know. There’s no need to sit and wait for him.” Sitting on the porch steps, holding onto her dead husband’s faithful dog, Katherine released the heartache of the past two days.

Okay I confess, I removed three adverbs and two passive sentences before I pasted it in this blog. HA


Anonymous said...

That is the CU-TEST picture!!

Amy Jane said...

let me know when you go bungee jumping and i will totally go with you!!!!!

Sarah Campbell said...

I love, love, love to skate. I think I should do that with my boys one of these days.
Thanks for sharing your writing. Keep getting the words on the page.