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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

March is Celebrate Women's History

How to Celebrate Women’s History @ Your Library
Telling the story of women’s work is never done.

I pulled the picture and blurb from the ALA magazine. Find women that helped shape America then write an article or book about her Here is the link to the entire article.


Focusing on women as a library market segment offers so many more creative opportunities for reaching out to your community
“Writing Women Back into History” is the theme for National Women’s History Month, March 2010, the annual celebration of women in the United States. For years women’s contributions were routinely underestimated or ignored even in the history of our own profession. While this still remains the case for much of history, the second wave of feminism reinvigorated interest in, and work on, “women’s history” at the academic and community levels. Now children learn about Sojourner Truth as well as Betsy Ross and we understand that Abigail Adams contributed to the founding of this country as did her husband, John, our nation’s second president.

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