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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Just because the shoe fit ... it might not fit the situation

You know yesterday I said my character was like a flamingo at a rodeo... here are the boots that get her into a romantic situation... what do you think, cute or totally wrong.

Wait, I know they are wrong but Carrie is city not country girl... city girl that is a girlie girl and has never been to a rodeo. Now, cute or wrong.

Hayden is going to save her... I'm going post opinions for her jacket tomorrow.

Hey I might be old but I didn't have to look on the Internet to get ideas for what Hayden would wear or how he looks ... uuuulalala... What? It doesn't hurt to look at the menu as long as you don't order. :) Okay let me state that this is not a children's story but adult romance with a little heart fluttering and goo goo eyes but that is all. How much can you put in 800 words.

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