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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

23 days until Christmas

Have you ever noticed that we set goals or dates and count down until happy event. A Novel is like having a baby. You carry it around inside you, shaping and molding it before you show it to anyone. When it springs out of your head onto page, you talk about it like its real. You name it (title) and you focus and making it the best it can be and give much of your attention to do this. Now I can write all this because, my baby won't stay finished. It's like she keeps moving back in with the folks, eats all the food in the house and refuses to listen if it involves change. I know this is early but Burning Bridges will leave my house before the end of next year. My goal is to mail her screaming and yelling if necessary to an editor before summer. I'll write more about my other goals for 2010 closer to the New Year.

Word for Today: dispersed -- scattered, spread, broken up

Burning Bridges will be dispersed to the four corners of the publishing world.

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Irene Latham said...

Oh and she's a screamer, isn't she?? The world NEEDS Emma. Bring her on!