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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2010 List which I will be adding to the next two days

This picture is part of The Wall that my writing buds and grandkids visited early this year. This Wall is in Lauderdale County but it would surprise you how many people in North Alabama don't know about it. And yes that is my hand.

1. Finish Burning Bridges
2. Get Blood, Sweat, & Python Boots close to finish or done
3. Try to talk less and listen more
4. Drink more water
5. Read at least four books a month... more if I can
6. Ride more... love it
7. Take more walks
8. Tell my grankids I love them more
9. Ride more... need to do this so put it twice
10. Keep the other nine items on this list
11. Enter at less four writing contest this year... love the pressure
12. read at least two nonfiction books not just look up stuff on Internet
13. stay focused on goals and don't stray off on side roads
14. Visit at least three new places close to home that I've been meaning to visit
15. start feeding birds again... those little beggars can put that bird feed away
16. Don't plant flowers in spring and let them die in summer

Word for today: organize -- To put together into an orderly, functional, structured whole

If disorganization is congesting your life, and you're feeling scattered and frustrated as a result, it's time to get organized. To achieve organization on the inside, you will need to take steps to become organized on the outside, by clarifying your priorities, objectives, and how you want your belongings and your lifestyle arranged.


Amy Jane said...

I love you list. I need to make one for myself but with school and all taking up my life idk if i can keep up with one. I sure will try though. I hope you finish your books, and I would love to read them when you are done. I also need to ride more. Even though I am not really good at it, I just love the feel of being on a horse in the wood. Work hard to check off everything on your list!

Ramey Channell said...
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Ramey Channell said...

Are those faces in the rocks? Did they occur naturally or did some handy person create them?