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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Good Old Days

Being the sixth grandchild of fourteen, I discovered a few things very early in life

1. Granny's lap is only so big and everyone gets a turn being rocked

2.You might be bossy but that doesn't make you the boss

3. Blame everything on the younger kids

4. Granddaddy's are much grumpier than Granny's

5. Don't eat grapes off the vine all day... bad, very bad

6. Don't eat apples off the tree all day... Worst

7.  Don't eat peaches off the tree all day...Worst that worst

8.  Good thing I don't like pears ... I might not be here today

9.  Don't lock any of your cousins or brother in a wrecked car in Granny's field, in July,  with no water... they might sweat some but your butt will be sore for a week

10. Love your family with all your heart even if it seems like they don't love you... they do... maybe this one took me longer to figure out.

I'm only in one of these pictures ... can you pick me out?  I'm the one smirking like I know something everyone else doesn't ... I probably do and I most likely will be in trouble before the night is over.

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Old is gold, that what they say and there is everything true about it. Good to see that you posted something from your past in here for your readers. Thank you