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Sunday, November 24, 2013

I know why we get fat when we get older

We don't skip everywhere we go!  Or twirl! Or run ahead so we can run back!

I was at Walmart the other day, shopping with plenty of time... hardly never happens... and I was watching the children.  Everyone of them that wasn't in the buggy seat was skipping, twirling or running.  They were burning up those calories.

So I've decided I'm going to skip instead of walk and when the mood hits me I'm going to twirl.  Running isn't a good idea at my age... oh the running isn't that bad it the falling that goes with it that is a killer.

If you don't hear from me ... come get me out of the crazy house or jail
... I just bet somebody will either think I'm crazy or high.

1 comment:

Sheila said...

You mean they let you out of the crazy house?