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Monday, April 8, 2013

Reviision is a nasty tasting word

Revision leaves a bad taste in your mouth and if you squint just right it will look like television and then you can say..."I never do it, I rather read."
But if you write you have to revise.  I attended a SCBWI revision workshop this past weekend and came home inspired.  Workshop was the correct word because at the end of each day all of us looked like kindergarten teachers on the last full day of school... in other words... Whooped.

Here are the mighty pens in search of a Newbury or NY bestseller in the first ever retreat.

Thanks so much to Courtney Stevens, your energy level was amazing and what a great job you did as fearless leader of the workshop. 


Heather Dent said...

I certainly agree that reading is a lot more fun than revision, but I'm not so intimidated by it after attending the retreat. I love your blog btw.

StableGranny said...

thanks just the ramblings of a old southern granny
Love yours too... you are so talented