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Friday, March 15, 2013

Garden Fever

I just want to plant something... I know it was 27 degrees last night and that the ground is cold but don't you think my garden spot needs plowing and I need to start planning what and where things need to go.... say yes please... Ronnie is a meany... he says six more weeks before we will do the garden.

Well okay, he has put the brakes on for the garden but he forgot to stop the baby chick wanting side... hehehehe we now have 41 babies with more coming in 11 days.  I've got baby chicks lalalala

He asked me last night what ever happened to spring cleaning.... what fun is that... but my house does need it.

pictures of chickens coming soon... right now they're just a blur of feathers when I open the brooder's door.  You know a chicken mind always says flight not fight.


Sheila said...

I got the planting fever too. I planted petunias in the moss hanging baskets and and hyacinth( will have to wait for next year on that.

As far as sping cleaning- I MISS YOU!!!!!

Irene Latham said...

mmmm, I'm excited about that garden. :)