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Thursday, November 10, 2011

I'm getting old... or flaunting my bag lady style

I want to know the name of the first woman who shaved her legs... If I could go back in time I would shake some sense into her... and say "What are you thinking! Don't do it"

I was getting ready for a nice bubble bath last night and PRESTO there they were... the hair forest that any monster would have been proud to call home. It was so bad that I could have used my legs as drain cleaning brushes. It was so bad that if I didn't shave my legs, I would need ponytail holders to put it to keep it from curling around my ankles ... well maybe it wasn't that bad :)

I hate shaving my legs.... I mean they don't stay shaved... by the next night my legs look like a sweetgum pod.

Here is what I think... I have no concept of style, fashion or grooming. Now, I'm clean .. body and clothes... but if it keeps you warm, good enough. My hair gets washed... combed and air dry. No makeup ... hate that stuff

My motto: If it feels good wear it, if it doesn't don't.

I wonder how long my leg hairs would need to get to break the record?? Should I try for it? Sigh... I guess not. After all I do live with my husband and I like him to have a clean shave and he says if he has to shave so do I.

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