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Monday, October 24, 2011

Small town, bank robber and school lock down

Small towns are great for everyday life... peaceful, everybody knows everybody and quite .... UNTIL today

The bank just a few blocks from where I work was robbed by a man that claimed he had a bomb. And he fled on foot toward the grooming shop and the school where my two youngest grandchildren attend.

To date they have not caught this man. But my babies had a tale to tell after school. They went into hard lock down and the FBI swarmed their school or as Ella age 9 said, "The dark men with the pointy guns" I didn't understand the dark men part... she said you know black shirts, pants and glasses"...okay got that now but pointy guns?? she sighed "Granny, their guns wasn't like Daddy's square (he has a 9MM) theirs were pointy" (theirs were assault rifles).

I hope she keeps calling assault rifles, pointy guns... wouldn't it be wonderful if all 9 year old kids didn't know what to call weapons meant to kill.

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Gail said...

Yikes, it's scary for kids when something like that happens. When I was teaching and something caused the school to go into lockdown mode, we were required to pull down the window shades and lock the classroom door until the coded "all clear" signal was given.