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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Alabama... Football country

I was raised watching football, from the backyard games, to school competitions to college. Paul "Bear" Bryant was the king of football. But if you look beyond the football field you would see why this man was great. Many people have stated this man was a mean **** but I say he was tough with morals and class. He died 28 years ago 01-26-1983 but I can still see him at pre-game time leaning on the goal post watching his boys. How little kids would walk up and ask for autographs and he never acted impatience and annoyed.
One of my favorite quotes from Bear was when Coach Bryant started laying down the rules for the Alabama team. He was clear that he would expect the players to behave like the winners they were.

"There's only one thing I expect...When you are out in public you represent this football team and you represent the state of Alabama, and you are to act accordingly. If you don't you will answer to me."

In my book excitement is required but showboating is unforgivable. When the players today jump up and beat their chest, point fingers at the other team or walk around like a gorilla showing male dominance .... well it makes me want to throw-up first then my aggressive personally kicks in and I want to beat their head, break their fingers or laugh at them for acting stupid.
Getting into the end zone is not a solitary feat and it is expected by the fans not a unexpected feat that should be cheered or praise for the one crossing the line. You are part of a team and I wish players today would start acting like they know that, and if they can't... well I think they should play a game where the out come depends on Just their effort.

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