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Monday, December 13, 2010

FYI painting your toenails red doesn't keep them warm

I got into the Christmas spirit and painted my toenails Holly Berry Red... if I have to say so myself, and I will because my granddaugthers said I looked like snow with drops of blood were someone chopped off my toes... too many horror movies for them. Anyway, my toes look great but I thought I should let you know that even if your toes look hot they're not. Ran out barefoot to feed the dog and I thought I had frost bite. Ronnie said I need a keeper. Nice snuggle warm socks on now but I can't see my pretty toenails now. sigh

Question for y'all
If you had no money and I mean none... what would you give your spouse for Christmas. I will give you my answer tomorrow. This isn't a goofball question think about it.


Amy Jane said...

I would give him a loving hug and tell him "merry Christmas".

StableGranny said...

Spend time with the people you love, that is what we all really want. Snuggle up and watch an old movie or just talk to them without doing anything else.

Gail said...

I'd ask him what he'd like to do that day and join him. I'd also be sure to tell him what I appreciate about him and why I love him. Everyone needs praise and being "king for a day" isn't bad either!