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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Rejection... ugly word

I went to a SCBWI conference a few years ago and one of the editors talked on the subject of rejection. She said that if they could talk to every author that submits a manuscript it would be easy to state the reasons they didn't need your lovey story. Don't take it as a rejection of you as a writer, that it's not personal but business. She looked around the room, smiled and said... yes I know that makes all of you feel so much better about those rejection letters. I like to say that every no thanks letter I have to write is hard because I know dreams are wrapped in the submission.
Okay, I got a rejection today. A form rejection, ouch! My dear writing pal, Jana said "Well I just think someone at that magazine needs to get fired. They don't know what they're doing!"
What would we do without friends. Lov ya Jana and Sheila without y'all I would be unable to submit... you know how bad I spell hehehehehe

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Amy Jane said...

the bad spelling must be a trousdale thing. mom is an awesome speller, but me, daddy, and scott suck at it.