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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Did you make a New Year Resolution??

Why do we do make them because no one ever keeps them!  It's like whispering a secret then yelling just kidding.

 Here are my desires for 2017...

be more patient with annoying people...
whether it's family, friends or strangers

to shut my mouth and listen more

to keep my opinions to myself unless I'm asked and by saying this, I will need to work on my expressions.... my face is an open book

work less and play more

I want to learn to paint... going to make that happen this year.  I have no expectations for greatness but one more thing off my bucket list

I'm going to say I love you more to my family.  I've been in a bad place as far as voicing my love... they know I love them but sometimes they need to hear it.  I told my kids every day that I loved them... and I taught them well because they never leave or end a call without telling me they love me... of course I say I love you too but if you're like me, that statement seems like a automatic response instead of a statement

I'm going to take more walks... I love to walk, stroll, sit and reflect in quiet unpopulated places.

Now for the BIG one.  I'm going to start riding horses again.  I've not told Ronnie yet because after I broke my hip he's a little worried about me riding ... but I love it and miss it


Irene Latham said...

Sounds like a junket to me. :) I'm excited about you painting and like Ronnie a little scared about your riding. xo

Donna Smith said...

I went horseback riding when we went to Salt Lake City a month back - and wow! It was so good to be back in the saddle after many, many years. I may just be joining you! I took up the motorcycle for the first time this past summer at age 65 (um, just shy of 66 - I still get to claim 65 for that!). And I've been painting, too. There's so much to try out or get back to! You go girl!

bestessaycheap said...

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