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Thursday, February 4, 2016

A little thankful today

Do you like surprises?  I never know how to act when someone or something nice and unexpected happens.  I'm not a hugger bubbly person, but I would like to think I make some nice and unexpected things happen.  Getting off subject.

No I don't like unexpected mother nature surprises.  As most of you know we have had a weird winter.  My neighbors are becoming closer because it's really hard to spend several hours in a small basement and not get to know a person.

Well, we all were sadly relieved that the tornadoes went though Central Alabama instead of northwestern area as predicted.  We were happy for us but so very sorry for the families that had to endure the storms.

Home free we thought.  Wrong!  Not a life changing problem but still lots of work on a ladder for a sixty-three year old man.  I'm hoping he will just nail stuff down and leave the real fixing until warmer weather.
 I bet my chickens were scared to death.

Might look like falling down shack but it does the job.  Beauty is as beauty does.

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