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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Will be back Writer helping Santa

If I was a Santa helper ...he would put me in charge of the coal... I've not been a very good girl this year.
I've been ugly many times each MONTH to the Comcast people... I've been mouthy and quirky to my fellow employees at work and I've not stayed in touch with family and friends like I usually do..

Sounds more like a confession doesn't it

Okay lets make it not confessional   I'm most likely going to be worst next year.... I seem to get crankier every day and the more I try to stop the worst I get.... I'm going to be the Grinch of North Alabama.  Everyone says I have this tone in my voice...what the heck is that... I'm being nice when I want to yell at you... really what is THE tone.... unless it is a warning that the person I'm talking to is walking on thin ice and they better be careful,
 that is being considerate don't you think.

No really, one of my New Year resolutions this year is... "Be nicer to people you want to smack."

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