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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Depiling my piles

Is Depiling a Word???
Here's the deal... I'm piler, yes I know there should be a clinic somewhere to help people like me.  When I clean or organize, I make piles... books, things I need to file, things I want to keep, goodwill things, season things that need to be put up until next time.... you get the picture.
Well while I was sick I started piles...one day we was going to have out of town company and "Good Grief"  what to do with these piles.  I moved all the piles to the hall closet and piled them in one big pile. 
I'm happy to say I have depiled the pile.  All is right in my world again. 

But WAIT  I've started it again.... does anyone know of a support group for pilers?
 I've started putting things up for my Christmas stuff  one picture below isn't too bad but the last one... of my gosh!!!

Christmas time is coming... Christmas time is coming.

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