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Monday, September 16, 2013

Fall... the last sigh

Don't you just love spring ... it calls to us, "Are you ready!  Get ready!"  Everything is new and fresh

Don't you just love summer... it calls to us, "Lets play.  Lets go fishing, swimming, go camping or ride a horse."  Everything is moving and active.

Don't you just love Fall... it calls to us, "Bring in your crops.  Cut back your flowers. Read a book in the weak sunshine.  Prepare."  Everything is sucking in the last breath and preparing for winter.

Don't you just love winter... it calls to us, "Relax.  Re-group.  Make plans.  Rest."  Everything is sleeping.  Winter is the charge cycle for most living things.

Enjoy this day for what it is and all the possibilities it has.  Don't let the one negative to this day be your attitude. 


Sheila said...

Love the fall pictures. I love fall. It won't be fall here for another couple of months. I miss the fall foliage.

Irene Latham said...

Now I know why I like winter so much! xo