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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Kissie Kissie

That is what my mother would always say when we left for school... we would be bounding out the door and she would yell "Kissie, kissie... have a good day."

My grandson has this face that draws girl's lips... and don't let the pictures fool ya... he loves it.
I remember when he was about four and we was in Walmart... this older lady walked by us and rubbed his hair... people would aways rub his hair and say "What pretty red hair." 
Kane asked me as the lady was walking away... Granny, why does everyone rub my hair... I said, It for luck buddy.  It's like rubbing a good luck charm.... Kane thought about this for a few minutes then said, Granny, it's not too lucky for me... I don't like people rubbing my hair.

That made me think how we all do things and sometimes we don't consider how it makes others feel. 

Valentine's Day is this week and I'm sure I'll get what I've got the last 43 years...it sure doesn't make me fat.... now 44 years ago I got candy and flowers...not just from Mr. Weaver, from several boys  hehehehehe  once you marry them they stop trying to win ya. 

Lake has a new little boyfriend and I asked her, "You going to dump him after Valentine's Day?"
Lake frowned and said, "NO!  That would be mean."
Jase, who just broke up with her boyfriend, said, "I'm going to get chocolate for my cat."
I said, "You'll come out better to buy your own flowers and candy and leave those boys alone."
They both said together, "GRANNY!"

Can't believe Lake is going to be 16 in two months and Jase will be 19 and Kane 13  All April babies

Kissie, Kissie to you all and hope you find your sweet Valentine.


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Irene Latham said...

Kissie kissie back at ya! That's so cute and great of you to remember and share.

Wonder what those grandkids will be blogging about YOU someday...