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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Black Friday... the old mare isn't as good as she once was

Yep, I'll admit it.... my fighting for TV's and games are over... I'll pay the regular price before I'll stand next to a woman with a trash can mouth... smell included.

Why do some people think that four letter words will make a situation better??? or that stock boys can change anything?? or that the person next to them (me) cares that they need a smoke or that want to listen to them complain about how sorry Walmart is... don't get in the line if you don't want to do the time.

I stayed up all night... crazy right... all by myself... weird right...bought a dutch oven steamer that wasn't on sale... stood in line at Home Depot for the 59 dollar tree, down sizing tree this year... many items for other people who want small items but didn't want to leave the insane-lines for iPads and Xbox games and last item was a big bottle of All Free so I could was clothes when I got home.... oh yes... got Ronnie a TV for the bedroom but paid extra 50 dollars which got me a better TV and I didn't have to stand next to potty mouth at Walmart... yes I got in line but refused to stay there for over an hour with that woman yapping... bail money would have cost me more than 50 dollars.

Did I have fun???? well not really... why did I do it??? well it is tradition.... will I do it next year??? if I'm living, yes.

Christmas time is coming... Christmas time is coming

See I'm all primed for the season... I mean what better way to get in the spirit to celebrate Jesus' birth than to stand in line for a TV listening to a crude woman use the F work three times in every sentence???

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