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Friday, October 26, 2012

A Crazy Week

Really enjoyed Monday and Tuesday spending time with Irene... eating supper with Jana and Irene... catching up on everything.... tons of fun.
Irene gave me a unbelievable gift... my entire blog in a hardcover book... WOW... and my granddaughters said to tell you thank you because now they know Granny's blog will always be where they can read it. 
But that brings up another problem... the grandbabies all decided that I love the other grands more than I love them because of what I posted in a blog.... silly kids... I love y'all the same, just different ways.
Jaselynn was the first and her momma nearly died when she was born.... I held her next to Missy's bed for two days.  We sort of bonded in those two days.
Lakelynn has always been her Granddaddy's girl... she was five weeks old when he fell and hurt his knee... she laid on the bed next to him and made him feel like he was needed because he cared for her.  They bonded.... but if she needs anything she calls granny... Lake has always smiled ... she wakes up smiling and goes to bed smiling... she has a great smile even with the wires in her mouth... only about year until they're gone
Kane is the only boy and rotten ... and I say that in the most loving way... you can't help loving him because he gives the best hugs and laughs at everything and of course he looks so much like Ronnie when he was that age..

and last but not least... Ella... the baby... the M&M of the family... hard on the outside and sweet and melting on the inside... she has such a huge heart and holds all this love for all her family.  She can be mean as a snake but the next minute she is crying because someone hurt one of her friends. 

Irene read poems and a Poetry and Painting event at the Florence Library and those ladies where amazing.  They all jumped in and did wonderful work.  I only posed pictures of cousins.

The bad thing this week ... I got bitten at work... on my right pointing finger... ouch!

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Irene Latham said...

It was so much fun! THANK YOU THANK YOU. Can't wait for Kentucky. xo