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Friday, June 15, 2012

What am I???

This isn't a riddle... why do I feel the best when I'm constantly moving?  I took a short nap yesterday... felt fine when I reclined on the couch to watch a movie... thirty minutes later I felt like a truck had hit me.  So I looked up things that constantly move, help me decided which one I am.

The Ocean Tide... well I can be a little salty and if you get in my way I'll pull you out with me

Time... I can age you if you stay around me much... sometimes my weird sense of humor can make the minutes past slowly

The Sun... Am I all powerful, hot tempered and everything revolves around me... yea sometimes

Air... I really don't like to hang around people just to move their hair, clothes, etc... if I move I want to show results

Maybe I'm a THINGAMABOB that goes her own way.  I think my name should be under Thingamabob in the dictionary.

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