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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Summer in Alabama

These pictures were made several years ago... look how little Ella was, she is in the green shirt by the chair.

I'm sharing these pictures to show why I write southern. It isn't what I am but who I am. Southern describes me from my rustic home where you can have your own handmade quilt to snuggle with while watching TV, to my kitchen with the large table and home cooked meals, to my front porch with a swing, to my slow talking quick wit ways.

This was a Friday afternoon and it was around 95 degrees and we just loaded up the kids and dogs and went to the creek. Instead of beach chairs we have creek chairs.

The water is so cold, even in July and August, your lips will be blue and your teeth chattering in less than a minute.

Another cool thing about this spot, when it rains hard the deep hole moves. It's like a new swimming hole every year.

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