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Friday, March 25, 2011

Thunder and Lightning

It's spring here in Alabama and that means the chirp of the birds is drowned out by the roar of tornado warning sirens. I know how irritating it is to have them interrupt your favorite program for the warnings but guess what.... we are not alone in this world and that might save someones life. Suck it up and deal with missing a few minutes of Idol or the Biggest Loser.
When it storms my Irish blood pushes forward and I want to stand outside my face toward the wind. My hands itch to hold the reins of a spirited horse and race with the storm with the mane of the horse beating my face and rain blinding my sight... sigh but my husband and kids think I'm crazy and pull me to the basement during storms. Hey maybe I'm like Percy Jackson and I'm half God... maybe Thor had affair with my human mother.... hehehehe my husband read this and said..."God no, devil maybe." It's so wonderful to be loved.

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